The Purpose Of A Funny Greeting Card

Do you ever feel like you’re always making lists, and then saying that you’ll tackle it in the next day? (But I’m sure that, as do all of you that you’re not. You’re caught!)

You’re welcome, I’ve got your first card ready to cross off your list: purchase some humorous greeting cards. Check!

What is the reason I’m required to make a payment, you might ask? I’ll give you plenty of reasons! The reasons that will blow the socks of you! It will shock you! The reasons that will leave you wondering where Obscenity Cards were all your life! (It’s OK that we’re here!)

Here are 5 great reasons to send humorous greeting cards right now:

1. It’s a Pandemic!

As there are lots of restrictions in place right now, including another lockdown in the works, getting to the post office and receiving the mail could be the most thrilling part in the morning. However, when you see bill after junk bill, after letter, imagine how happy your loved one will be when they saw a special photograph card on top of their pile of bills! (They’d throw those bills in the trash, that’s the way it is!)

2. It makes them happy!

Imagine that your loved one has had the most awful day ever and spilled coffee all over the shirt they’d put up for hours ironing, they did not remember their home presentation And to top it off, they slipped into an eddy and now it appears that they peed on themselves. Imagine what it means to them to receive a card of greeting card that comes from you! (It could make their awful day, no good, very awful day the best day ever, and that’s exactly the way!)

3. It shows them that you Haven’t Instinctively Forgotten About They!

With everything happening all over the world every person is feeling some kind of anxiety or stress about something. There’s no time to text, call or DM each person we love. If you have five minutes, take a seat and relax, pick up a ballpoint pen that is fancy, and compose a note to say hi. Do they feel their heart expand three times the size when they receive the note? Absolutely! It’s a guarantee.
(Though it is not a warranty …)

4. Laughter is the best medicine!

Have you ever caught the flu and felt miserable? It was impossible to get out of your home or even to sulk over the idea of being sick? It’s likely that you did not laugh! (Gosh we’re sorry for you). …) You’re not alone!) Send out a humorous picture card to someone who’s not in good health and their mood will be lifted when the card is released from the envelope!

5. It helps with procrastination!

If this isn’t a good motive to send a greeting card to someone for the sake of it’s a holiday, then we don’t really know what else is! Have a term piece of paper? Do you need to take care of your home? An unsavory recipe for anchovy casserole that your grandmother wants you to make from the past five hundred years? Do it now by settling at your table with your brand-new cards, and then send one to all the people you care about! (You could clean your bathroom today.)

Send a few funny rude birthday cards today, and then pass them on to others. some laughter!