What is the Peloton Strive Score?

I thought of writing this article on Peloton’s Strive Score. Peloton Strive Score, because there are so many concerns. It’s a brand new metric that Peloton introduced in the latter half of 2021. I’ll admit, from the beginning this: I’m not a massive fan.

As per the firm, that’s the meaning of means the Peloton Strive Score means:

“Strive Score” is a unique non-competitive, non-competitive measure that evaluates how hard you exercise. From the bike to the treadmill down to your floor, the Strive Score is a measure of the amount of time you spend at each heart Zone to measure how well you’re doing in every exercise.

The idea is to provide you an easy method to measure your performance in a variety of exercises, even ones that don’t require the power of devices connected to the internet, like fitness, HIIT, or boot camp classes.”

What’s the significance of what is the significance of a Peloton Strive Score

In the meantime, I must be a bit harsh and call BS in declaring this metric to be non-competitive. If other riders riding with you or within your group have Strive Scores set the score is shown at the Leaderboard.

If you’re trying to “beat” anyone who is in an unrelated heart rate zone-based on the hue of their Strive Score border that is next to their LB name-you may be pushing yourself further than you ought to. This is the reason why many are unsure of what a good Strive Score should be. In reality, it isn’t important.

Does Strive Score a substitute for heart rate zone training?

My opinion is that I think it was Peloton launched Strive Score as a replacement for training in the heart rate zone. It was a type of class that Peloton offered more often prior to the departure of certain instructors from their positions within the Peloton family.

What instructors are I talking about? Two specifically. They were ex- Peloton instructor Steven Little and Jennifer Jacobs.

Finding heart rate zone classes

However, the instructor currently Christine D’Ercole used to teach many heart zone-training classes. In fact when you enter cycling classes and look up heart zone classes, also known as HRZ there are a lot of classes taught by Christine.

If you look for HRZ classes in Peloton’s Peloton application, you’ll see that there are additional HRZ classes that are available off the bike. This includes HRZ run classes and bootcamps.

The classes are scheduled to run until the year 2019. Don’t be too surprised when they’re disposed of shortly, since it’s not clear that Peloton is working on more heart rate zone training material.

Heart Rate Zone Training vs Power Zone Training

In contrast to Power Zone Training, which is built around output the heart zone classes were based on the area your heart rates were at different points during the class. The majority of them have been eliminated as of now, except for the ones that featured Steven Little and Jennifer Jacobs. As I said, Christine’s HRZ classes remain present.

In reality, if you enter cycling and then filter your search by type of class and then class type, you’ll be able to see “heart rate zone” as an option. If you choose that option you’ll then be taken to the remaining 38 heart rate zone classes in cycling with her.

Where are my heart rate zones?

There 5 heart-rate zones. They are visible on the left-hand side of the display when using a Bluetooth enabled as well as compatible monitor for heart rates.

This Strive Score is based on the heart zone rates. Based on a form that came up after I enabled Strive Score in the last few days your score will be greater than those heart rate zones that you attain during the class. Take a look at the image below, which explains this.

FYI, all you need to do is wear a compatible heart rate device to be able to view the Strive Score displayed.