CodeSignal Targets Skills Gap With ‘Learn’ Platform Amidst Tech Talent Crunch

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CodeSignal, a leading assessment platform for evaluating the technical skills of engineering candidates, has announced the launch of a new learning platform, CodeSignal Learn, designed to transform the way skills are developed and honed for the future of technology.

In an exclusive interview with VentureBeat, CodeSignal’s CEO Tigran Sloyan shared insights into his motivation behind building this innovative platform. “For the past six years, the company’s entire focus has been [that] we have to build the best in-class skill assessment platform, and get companies to trust it and use it as part of their hiring process,” Sloyan said, highlighting the company’s dedication to skill discovery as a precursor to skill development.

However, Sloyan pointed out a critical issue plaguing the tech industry: the growing skills gap. He emphasized that, while discovery and hiring are essential, they are not sufficient to close this gap. “Only doing discovery and hiring as a way to close skills gaps, it’s just simply impossible,” Sloyan said.

Credit: CodeSignal

The war for talent in tech

The launch of CodeSignal Learn is set against the backdrop of an ever-intensifying war for talent in the tech sector. Employers are struggling to find candidates with the right mix of up-to-date skills, especially in emerging technologies. CodeSignal’s move could not be timelier, as companies are desperately seeking effective ways to upskill their existing workforce and ensure that new hires can hit the ground running.

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CodeSignal Learn aims to address these issues by providing practice-based, mastery-oriented learning experiences. “Learning that’s not based on practice…everybody intuitively understands that you can’t do that,” Sloyan explained. He argued for a paradigm shift from the traditional model of passive learning to an active, practice-based approach. “It has to be 10% [sharing] knowledge, 90% active learning in practice,” he added, underscoring the need for hands-on experiences.

Sloyan also touched on the importance of teaching for mastery rather than just course completion. He criticized the prevailing educational norms that push students through a curriculum without ensuring they’ve mastered foundational concepts. “We have to build that assessment engine that can power mastery-based learning,” he said, indicating CodeSignal’s focus on building a system that ensures learners truly understand and can apply what they’ve learned before moving on.

Credit: CodeSignal

Shaping the Workforce of the Future

CodeSignal Learn appears poised to disrupt the corporate learning space by leveraging the company’s robust skill assessment engine to tailor learning paths that adapt to individual needs. This personalized approach could be a game-changer for technical skill development, potentially reducing the time and cost associated with traditional training methods.

From a business analysis perspective, CodeSignal’s expansion into the learning space could have significant implications for the company’s growth trajectory. By offering both assessment and learning solutions, CodeSignal is positioning itself as a comprehensive platform for technical skill development and validation. This could attract a broader client base, from companies seeking to vet candidates to those looking to upskill their workforce.

As companies continue to prioritize digital transformation, the demand for platforms that can both assess and develop tech talent is likely to surge. CodeSignal, with its dual offerings, is set to become a key player in shaping the workforce of the future.

CodeSignal’s commitment to bridging the skills gap through innovative learning solutions is a testament to the company’s vision of a future where anyone, regardless of background, can showcase their true capabilities and thrive in the tech industry.

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