Beyond the Buzzwords: How to Really Assess a Technology Supplier’s Capabilities

If you are a customer who has decided on a certain technological competence, it should not be too difficult for you to discover UK technology companies who are able to deliver on that particular vendor. However, capability in today’s complicated world might be more sophisticated than just determining if vendors or embedded consultants can handle only the technology you require, as it will undoubtedly need to function in the context of your larger technology estate. This is because the world has become more interconnected.

For instance, the information technology team has come to the conclusion that they wish to purchase certain networking equipment manufactured by Cisco. On Cisco’s partner website, doing a search for a Cisco partner is a rather simple process. If, on the other hand, you want an IT supplier who can not only install your Cisco equipment but also make it work with your Microsoft cloud services, Oracle, and Dell servers, and optimise traffic to your cloud services in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCP), then you will need to look for all of these references in a supplier’s bio. In addition to installing your Cisco equipment, the IT supplier should also be able to make it work with your cloud services from Microsoft, Oracle, and Dell. To make matters more confusing, it is very doubtful that Cisco will promote other technology providers on its partner portal (like all vendors!).

Locating the Appropriate Information Technology Suppliers With Embedded Intelligence

Within embedded intelligence, we look for 400 distinct technology references within an IT supplier’s web page and use it as a filter attribute to allow you to pick suppliers or embedded consultants who are aware of (and likely have a capability in) each of the technologies you require. Embedded intelligence allows you to select suppliers or embedded consultants who are aware of (and likely have capabilities in) each of the technologies you want. If you search for “Cisco” first, then filter on Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, AWS, and Google above, you will likely find a supplier that can consider your whole estate as part of their solution and who may even provide broader services to allow you to consolidate supplies. This may be accomplished by searching for “Cisco” initially and then filtering on those companies.