5 Benefits of Website Translation

The digital age is here to remain. It’s nearly impossible to imagine a normal life without the Internet as a facilitator for our main activities. We do all kinds of tasks through it. We purchase, work, study, learn, and much more. Our lives are connected via screens and the endless world of digital platforms that are available to us at present. This explains why website translation and making its content available to new audiences could be such a beneficial strategy for internationalisation.

A Context First

Recently, Statista, an online statistics site, published an article detailing how numbers of users on social networking users has been growing (and will continue to increase) all over the world between 2016 through 2023. The report says that in 2021, there will be roughly 3.210 billion monthly active users, the majority of which are located in the Americas and Asian countries.

What is this saying? This means that we face an immense task ahead. On other hand, we must be able to stand out from all the posts and searches. On the other hand it is important to reach your targeted audience of all active Internet users. So, managers need to spend time understanding the habits of Internet users visiting their websites and look at the number of people who use social networks when conducting market analysis.

In this article, we tell you the 5 benefits of doing this. Shall we start?

Why Translate Your Website?

1. Website Translation Increases the Possibility of reaching more people

If your website is translated into various languages, you will be able to increase your audience reach. This happens because people prefer to visit sites that are available in their language of origin. A study conducted by CSA Research revealed that “76 percent of shoppers who shop online prefer to purchase products in their own language”. But it revealed that “60 percent never or rarely purchase from sites with only English content.”

These figures show that having your site translated into several languages can help you increase the number of people navigating it. In turn, you’ll increase your chances of securing an increase in sales.

2. The Website Translation Enhances User Experience

Nowadays, companies have to be aware of the experience that users get when navigating their websites.

What’s this all about? It’s about the way a person feels when navigating your page, blog or communications channels. Each person who visits your site is there to satisfy a desire. That’s why one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to creating content is paying attention to all the details. From the words you employ to the amount of time it takes for various sections to load. This has to do with it being the case that individuals try for solutions quickly and quickly.

Having said that Imagine that someone goes to your site but can’t understand your content because it’s not in their native language. Maybe they are able to comprehend a small portion of it. That person will probably be an eventual (but not yet) user, customer or reader.

We’ve already observed that consumers prefer buying products on sites that are transliterated into their own language. The survey by CSA Research also revealed that: “Seventy-five per cent of respondents believe that they will be more likely to purchase from the same brand if customer care is in their native language. This preference is strongest among those with less competence in English. Even 60 percent of the people who are the most proficient in understanding English prefer having customer service in their language.”

3. Website Translation allows you to Improve Communication with Your Customers or Readers

The main aspect you should be thinking about when communicating is your target audience. While these are phrases that we read and hear all day, it sometimes happens that our priorities in the day or absence of time can distract us and push us away from the topic. Knowing who your audience is helps you to understand how to communicate with them effectively. Furthermore, it allows you to discern which are the most beneficial solutions you can provide to your clients and by the channels you can offer them. Here’s a fact that should not be overlooked It is not just about giving information. It also involves knowing how to comprehend your audience and how to communicate with them.

A lot of times, websites are translated literally. That is to say, without considering which words your target audience is using the most or which one would be most appropriate. Therefore, if you want to connect with your customers or readers, you will be required to speak to them in their native language. Apple for instance, one of the top technology companies, realized the global nature of its customers. That’s why the website is now available in over 130 languages.

This doesn’t mean you need to adapt your website to all of these languages. However, you need to think about where your audience is located in order to select the language you’d like to translate your website’s content into.

4. Web Translation Enhances Your SEO Ranking

Improve your SEO rank is about making “tweaks” to your website to allow search engines to better understand it. In the end, you will rank among the top sites whenever a person searches for information that is related to your content or services. In order to achieve this it is important to optimize the website by focusing on various aspects. They include: creating meta descriptions, labelling each section of your website differently, being succinct and descriptive, and using titles that are related to your website, to mention some.

Be aware! In the beginning the fact that people are more likely to visit websites in their own language. Additionally, a great user experience relies on giving the audience what they require. In addition, it is essential to use the same language as your audience. With this in mind translating your website can be efficient way to improve your SEO as well as reach new audiences.

5. Website Translation Improves Your Brand Image

Websites that are translated into different languages tend to be more trustworthy. In fact, people tend to think of companies that have the global reach as more prominent. This is due to the fact that they have a greater reach or because they have many customers.

Additionally, translating your website into different languages will prove that you care about your visitors. Since your content will be easy to access, it will also be easily understood by people from various countries.

Final Thoughts

The Internet is a synonym of globalization. In the blink of an eye, visitors from all over world could be visiting your website. Therefore, if you want to get in front of a wider range of clients or users and boost your sales, then translating your site is an absolute must. Keep in mind! Translating your website with machine translation software will not be enough.