Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based application that is used to share documents enterprise intelligence, sophisticated searches as well as content collaboration and many more.

The advantages that come with Microsoft SharePoint are compelling enough that over 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies, including Viacom and Windex employ this program (Issuu). SharePoint offers a similar user interface as Office 365 and is known for its simplicity of use and excellent user experience.

Ten Benefits to SharePoint

Simply stated simply, SharePoint is a simple application that SharePoint application will simplify business processes and cut expenses. It can also facilitate information sharing, transparency and collaboration. For developers, users and designers There are many additional advantages to be gained from SharePoint. SharePoint.
Microsoft SharePoint Features and Benefits

1. Multi-purpose function built into

One of the greatest SharePoint advantages is its versatility. SharePoint is a collaborative platform that functions as an intranet. It is an internal company website that is used for information sharing tasks, scheduling contacts, task scheduling and more.

Administrators are able to assign different levels of permission based on the status of the user. Beyond that, the program includes functions to share documents and management of files social networks and business data. It also handles the rest of your day-to-day operation of your company.

2. Centralized administration

Management ease is among the main SharePoint 2010 advantages. Administrators have quick access to operations features, such as security settings coll, synchronization, backup websites and data on sites or restores, as well as update rights all from the same dashboard.

3. Customizable

You can use the standard SharePoint online SharePoint features and advantages, or modify them to meet your company’s requirements.

Your employees can develop custom elements within every one feature of Microsoft SharePoint features. You can also alter the user interface to reflect your company’s branding and enhance your employees’ experience when using the app via using drag-and-drop feature.

Enhance the functionality of your SharePoint Intranet with Image Maps for SharePoint.

4. Collaboration and management of documents

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 allows you to manage the company’s data in a way that is easy to access. The main advantages of SharePoint are the streamlined process of information, as well as cloud storage that is accessible via mobile devices.

Employees who are well-informed make better decisions, are able to meet deadlines, know the business plan and are able to contribute to it. Sharing files on SharePoint is as easy as just a click or a touch of an icon. Mobility is definitely one of the many benefits from SharePoint 2013.

5. Site consolidation

It is possible to integrate all of your websites (shared workplaces) into one platform to cut down on the expenses of managing a siloed website. The consolidation of web sites with intranet-based sites make it easy to be accessible and manageable within internal departments.

6. Integration with existing applications

Microsoft SharePoint offers a seamless integration with all of your applications for business. The software will work seamlessly together with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word as well as PowerPoint), MS Exchange Server, MS Unified Communications, ERP, CRM, and various other back-office systems, as well as earlier versions.

For SharePoint Online it is compatible with all browsers. It isn’t limited only to Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer; SharePoint also works well with the latest web browsers.

7. Increased security

SharePoint 2013 features include advanced security features that lower the chance of outages as well as unauthorized access. The features include new workflow enhancements and enhanced authentication. So long as information access and shareability are improved and your data integrity is maintained, it is guaranteed. Other security settings and access/editing rights can be configured on the item or document level.

The collaboration application also promises better security for companies which handle sensitive data. It allows you to set various settings for sharing storage, auditing, and shareability to speed up conformity with your company’s regulations on security of data.

8. User-friendliness and design help

It is not necessary to employ an entire team of web developers to upgrade your website or build databases management systems since Microsoft SharePoint 2010 features and advantages are the ability to design solutions that can better serve the needs of your business.

SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint Server both have APIs (APIS) for these jobs. Utilizing SharePoint development tools to aid in creating apps is a fantastic method to reduce costs.

9. Content management

You can plan and prepare the publishing of content on different websites on the internet as well as social media platforms. The social networking feature in SharePoint 2013 makes it easy to share of updates, ideas, and even content.

It is possible for users to publish Office documents through the platform and share them with colleagues or outside of the company. They can also make and edit their tasks from any device, and also convert documents into and out of various formats, like PDF, Word, and Excel.

10. Accelerate and streamline the business processes

A collaborative platform such as Microsoft SharePoint makes it possible to organize and collect data all in one location.

The information from your suppliers’ communications with customers, interactions with partners, among others, are collected by SharePoint’s forms-driven solutions. Your employees can build business intelligence portals , and then display this information in dashboards, Web parts or scorecards. They can use it to make better decisions, better track and monitor consumer preferences and forecast changes in supply and demand.

Today’s Microsoft SharePoint of today is far from its predecessor of 2001. It’s more secure, user-friendly flexible, scalable, collaborative and adaptable. It’s 2013 and the SharePoint version provides more possibilities to streamline business processes. It boosts productivity and contributes to lower expenses in daily business processes. If you’re looking to learn more about SharePoint or setting it up for your business, get in touch with us.