Business vs home broadband: Which service do I need?

A fast, reliable broadband connection is now vital to the success of any company like capital and a strong business plan, and a group of employees.

However, does every business need an specialized business broadband connection? If you’re running a small-scale firm, or running working from home, are you able to be content with a less expensive home broadband?

This guide will walk you through the main distinctions between business and home broadband, and the challenges businesses might encounter if they opt for an residential broadband service.

Business broadband: What exactly is it?

Businesses broadband can be described as a broadband connection installed in the workplace or office to meet a larger need for internet.

Typically, business broadband plans are more complete than residential broadband and provide a more specialized service. Therefore, expect higher speeds, greater capacity, and more secure and reliable connections and , as a result, you will pay more per month.

Furthermore, business broadband services are available across the UK as well. Broadband statistics indicate that as of 2022, there were a significant amount of UK properties (both commercial and residential) which are not able to access an acceptable broadband service (having an upload speed at or above 10 Mbit/s and upload rate of at minimum 1 Mbit/s) with fixed line is about 506,000, or 2 percent.

What are the benefits of business broadband?

If you’re running a company that has more than ten workers it is recommended to get an exclusive business broadband connection. There are several important features that are included in broadband plans for business that are crucial to keep your business operating efficiently.

This is the distinction between business and home broadband:

1. Service for Business Broadband Guarantee and Compensation

If your network experiences an issue there are many top business broadband providers will bring your network back up and operational the following working day, to minimize disruptions and inconveniences to customers.

For instance, many deals like BT Business Broadband deals come with an ‘Always Connected Warranty which will provide you with a 4G mobile broadband hubs to use as a backup in the event you ever experience a problem with your fixed broadband line.

Service guarantees for residential broadband aren’t as than they are with residential broadband. If providers provide these promises, the time frame of time they’ll get you back online is significantly longer.

If the provider of business broadband fails to bring you back online within the timeframe specified within the terms of the contract you’re usually legally entitled to an amount of compensation.

2. Customer support dedicated to broadband for businesses

If your company’s broadband connection fails, it’s crucial that to restore your service whenever you can, otherwise you risk losing money and ruining your reputation. This is why broadband plans for businesses typically provide 24/7, UK-based customer service to provide assistance with any issues that arise when they arise.

Contrary to this home broadband usually provides customer support only during certain hours.

Customer support for business broadband will also prioritize calls from business broadband users which means there’s less chances of being in a long line for an operator.

3. Business broadband is given priority

TalkTalk and BT. BT and TalkTalk place a premium on business broadband over broadband customers who are residential.

This means you can be assured that speed and the quality of your internet connection will not be affected by other users use patterns like a neighbor downloading a large amount of HD video. This means it won’t be slow at peak times of the day to ensure your business is operating efficiently.

4. Greater security

If your personal computer has been compromised, it could be an enormous inconvenience. However, if your company’s broadband has been compromised, this can be an issue for you as well as for your customers.

That’s why commercial broadband services are equipped with security software that is of the highest quality.

5. A router specifically designed for use by businesses

Residential and business broadband routers may differ significantly. If you’re only looking to connect between 10-12 computers, a typical residential router or small-sized business router should suffice. If you’re running a bigger business then you’ll require an even more powerful Wi-Fi router, which covers from 1,500 to 2000 square feet and spreads over multiple floors.

Business broadband routers can also offer greater levels of security that include the VPN server as well as firewalls, and can filter content as well.

6. Static IP address

A residential broadband service provides you an active IP address. It’s a unique identifier that identifies your computer, which means that your IP address changes each whenever you are connected to the web.

When you sign up for business broadband but, you’re also given a permanent IP address. This permits you to utilize your connection for a myriad of features designed for businesses which are essential to the daily operations of numerous businesses.

With an IP address that is static you are able to:

Host your own server essential when your company needs to access large files. Additionally, it guarantees that clients are able to join your server with no issues.

Create your own website and domain name servers.

Remotely connect your computer to another computer so that staff can use applications remotely.

Business broadband is superior to residential broadband?

Businesses broadband providers are focused more on providing a speedier reliable, more reliable and timely service. There’s no reason to purchase an ADSL business broadband service since they’re only for those who only use internet for a short period of time. It’s not the right choice for the premises that are used as commercial.

For instance, Virgin business broadband runs its own high-speed broadband cable network, offering you speeds up to 500Mbps, regardless of where your office is located.

Plusnet and TalkTalk offer business broadband packages that offer speeds similar as their residential counterparts However, the amount of devices used at work won’t affect the speed of internet access as it would affect your home network.

While speed of download is similar to, but not significantly higher than home broadband connections, you’ll be most likely to get more speedier upload speeds with business broadband than homes with broadband. This is vital when you’re using the internet to upload files, conduct video calls and working on shared drives.

Business broadband is typically provided via fibre optic connections with speeds ranging from 76Mbps to 102Mbps and some up to 1Gbps.

What is the reason why business broadband costs more than residential broadband?

Although home broadband typically comes with a lower price per month however, it could be a false economy. Like we’ve mentioned in the past, you may be missing income in the event that something goes wrong and you’re not able to get an immediate response from the customer service.

Business broadband may also be more cost-effective due to the additional features that are included with it. For example every business broadband provider offer customers multiple email accounts that will be unique to your company (for instance: [email protected]) and will project a more professional image to potential customers.

You can get BT business broadband such as aforementioned, you’ll also have access to its Wi-Fi network so that you can connect to the internet even while on the move. Other providers provide similar services, but the larger ones are able to provide greater coverage.

Can I connect to broadband from a business at homeuse?

Business broadband is typically higher priced than broadband for home use, therefore even if your home-based work it’s possible that the situation is short-term, you aren’t required upgrading to high-speed business internet. If your home is going to become your office in the future It’s a good idea to have business broadband installed at home.

The advantages of business broadband such as greater security and the guarantee of bandwidth, are typically worth the costparticularly if your company depends heavily on a reliable connection and is always online.

It’s also important to note it is possible that business broadband connection is able to be declared as an expense of business which means it can be included in your final year tax bill.

Compare broadband with our most recent business broadband deals to find out whether a dedicated business broadband connection can help you save money and make your company more efficient.