Drawbacks & Benefits of Barcode Reader

What exactly is Barcode Reader ?

Barcode readers are a sort of scanner that reads white and dark bars that contains pieces of information (Descriptive data comprising numbers and letters). It operates primarily on the electro-optical principle. Barcode reader is comprised of 3 components. They are the decoder, the converter and the illuminator.

What is the nature of Barcode Reader ?

Depending on the use there are various kinds of barcode readers available each with its specific pros and cons. For an example two options, there are two barcode readers used for linear barcodes and 2D bars.

Where is Barcode Reader used ?

Being used most in the production and retail industries Warehouses in general benefit from these. Businesses today can’t be effective without the use in barcode technologies. Utilizing the barcode data, you can decide if the barcode reader will work for you.

In this article, I will be illustrating about 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Barcode Reader | Drawbacks & Benefits from Barcode Reader. In this article you will understand the pros and cons of using barcode scanner.

Let’s get started,

1. Universal

Barcodes are widely accepted as a technology. They are used to create almost all of the retail items all around the world. Thus, by using an electronic barcode reader, these devices are readable wherever you are located in the world.

2. Accuracy

Human error can create problems across all aspects of business. Using barcode readers, the users will significantly decrease the amount of errors that occur. A barcode reader is considered to be far more accurate in comparison to hand-writing data. It is even more accurate than RFID technology. It doesn’t matter the type of material on which they are scanned, their accuracy remains the same.

3. Productivity

The ability to monitor data fast and accurate will result in better decision-making in each department. This means that the overall efficiency of the business is enhanced.

4. Time Saving

Every time, the data from barcode is easily visible because the data is immediately read. Within a short time all of the relevant information about the item are shown. This is particularly helpful in grocery stores in which customers buy multiple items and each item must be scanned individually. Therefore, there is a small amount of time wasted.

5. Training for Employees

The entire process of learning to use a barcode reader is less expensive and simple. Within a shorter duration employees will be able to learn how to use the device without having to pay others in the workplace. Therefore, the training times are reduced notably for new employees.

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6. Control of Inventory

Barcode readers allow for the inventory control so precisely. No matter the item that is scanned, the informations are transmitted to a computer in a matter of minutes to calculate them by analyzing inventory. In the end, they can offer an inventory status on individual items as well as company’s overall inventory.

Negatives of Barcode Reader

1. Cost

For using a barcode , an reader has to be purchased, and it is expensive. The costs are more expensive when it’s an 2D barcode scanner. Particularly, for small businesses this cost cannot be justified. An additional analysis must be completed to ensure that the investment of the barcode reader will prove profitable.

2. Range

In order for barcode readers to to function, it should not be placed more than 15 feet from the barcode label. If it is placed more than that, the reader will have a problem scanning. In certain applications the shorter range could result in issues.

3. Physical Damages

Barcode readers are susceptible to physical damages. As with other equipments they are also subject to tear-ups and wear. When it experiences damage that cause damage, it could result in additional expenses in the repair.

4. Damages to the Label

Typically barcodes are printed on labels which is always exposed to the world. This means that they are susceptible to environmental damage. Even if only one portion or label appears damaged, it could cause problems when scanning.

5. Informations

Barcode readers are able scan only a limited amount of informations. The information they scan is only for the item and its manufacturer. Details about manufacturing dates and expiry dates are not included.

6. Security

Some barcodes may not be genuine. There can be malicious barcodes setup by cybercriminals. If a user happens to scan an unauthorized barcode or a malicious barcode, the system may be taken over by a hackers. Since the USB that connects the scanner and the computer acts as a second keyboard, hackers can get access to operating systems.