The advantages of learning Microsoft Excel skills

The most used spreadsheet and software for managing data around all of the globe, MS Excel provides greater flexibility and compatibility across different devices as well as operating system. Organising, analyzing and presenting your data using MS Excel has never been simple, regardless of whether you’re an PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or Android smartphone user.

Beyond the incredible flexibility, the superior numbers crunching capabilities and quick accessibility MS Excel also provide its users with many advantages, including

Layout your data

designed to give an extensive view of the entirety of your data, Microsoft Office Excel allows you to arrange your text in a spreadsheet or workbook. Excel worksheets and spreadsheets can be used to transfer the information or data of a variety of locations and files to one location, in order to be analysed and crunched into the basis of a single document.

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It is easy to reformat and rearrange data

Create your spreadsheets with ease with different shades of colour bold, italics and bold shades in order to highlight the most significant information to the forefront. It is extremely useful in showing a variety of numbers that are relevant to the same subject, for example, accounting information like the pre-tax profit and balances that the company carries forward. Additionally, MS Excel allows users to choose the appropriate colour scheme to make quick analyses.

Data is processed and analysed using charts and graphs

If you input the correct information, MS Excel will number analyze and crunch the data you input and summarize them into an improved presentation. It also offers preview options. This gives you the option of choosing the best way to tell your tale.

Analyze and identify patterns and trends that are evident in large volumes of data

MS Excel makes it easy to spot patterns and analyze them within your data, which can be averaging up to 16,000 columns.

Conditional Formatting

The conditional formatting option within MS Excel helps to change the appearance of cells depending on the data included. For instance, you could include numbers that are below thousand in red and those that exceed a thousand in blue.

Connectivity and Sharing

MS Excel allows you to collaborate and share information with others in your friends group or project via Share Point as well as One Drive. It’s as simple to send everyone their link for the same Excel file. After you have your MS Excel file is saved on One Drive you and other participants can work in real-time.