The Best Travel Tech Gadgets Of 2022

Traveling has become more complicated than it was in the past, because of the COVID-19 impact and the increasing cost of living causing most of us think about our holiday or work schedules with greater care.

However, there seem to be signs that suggest the travel industry is getting back on track and that means we could be able to take advantage of a trip of two.

The requirements for planning and paperwork may be more complicated for travelers today, and it could be a lot of fun to forget about packing at the last minute packing everything in one bag, hoping that you’ve recalled all of it. There are, however, essential travel gadgets and accessories that, if you’re anything like me, could be put away in a designated drawer and pulled out just as you’re getting ready to travel -which makes traveling less stressful and reducing the burden you have to carry.

Here are our top recommendations for travel tech and other accessories for 2022, whether you’re to vacation or an event at work.

INIU portable power pack charger

Features: Reasonable capacity to charge Multiple connectors

The INIU power pack is often included in my luggage to ensure I don’t have to recharge my smartphone, Kindle, or Nintendo Switch during long-haul travel. There are other options, such as the ones made by Anker offer more capacity for charging and different connectors however I like this one due to how small and light it is.


Outputs USB C/A
Light and compact
Built-in light


It only has a charge of 10,000mAh (other banks may go over 26,000)

Hex technical backpack

Features: A tough design that includes charging as an added benefit

Its Hex Technical backpack backpack made of tough, durable materials to resist water and to avoid wear and wear and. It is likely to be a backpack that will last for years, the Hex backpack comes with an antimicrobial coating as well as a laptop compartment that is magnetic and a variety of organizer slots which include one to hold your passport. Additionally, the backpack has a charging pocket wireless that is able to power your devices with Hex’s model, or with other chargers.


Many compartments for your laptop as well as other travel accessories
Rugged design


Charger sold separately

Epicka universal travel adapter

Features Essential adapters to travel to different countries

If you are traveling among the first items you need to pack in your luggage is an adapter, as there’s nothing more frustrating than getting to your destination and realizing that you’re unable to charge one or all of your gadgets.

While you can find inexpensive adapters for certain countries, we suggest opting with a universal adapter, so you’re always equipped with the correct connector. Epicka’s travel adapter universal comes with the prongs that are required by over 150 countries as well as multiple USB connections.


Includes every connector that you might require in another country.


Not the most expensive model, but it isn’t the most expensive

Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones

Technology for Active Noise-Canceling

One of my essential items for traveling are the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones. Even though I needed to replace my ear cups after a couple of years, Bose headphones are a worth the investment for anyone who travels frequently and obviously they can also be used every day in the home or for the daily commute.

With regards to features in terms of features, it is a great choice. Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones include active noise cancellation technology. They also have Bluetooth connectivity as well as an option to hear-through for those who want to enjoy music, while being aware of the surrounding noise.

The headphones are available in white or black.


Technology for noise-cancelling
sturdy design



SideTrak Portable Monitors

Features A portable display that can be used with different laptop models.

Many of us have to working from home, at in the office, and travelling it is worth investing in an portable monitor to increase your productivity from a remote location.

Laptops are handy when traveling, but often all you require was more space on your screen. One option to think about is the portable monitors from SideTrak, that are 14-inch, 16:9 ratio screens in FHD (1080p). After being mounted, the displays are powered via USB/mini HDMI.


A powerful tool to work remotely
14-inch display


Costly and you may require more than one
You’ll need to purchase protection