Why Use An Animation Studio?

Today, animated videos are the norm for video marketing and there are a myriad of positive reasons for this. From the ability of animation to stir emotions to the fact it’s typically less expensive than other types of marketing through video For many, it’s become an integral aspect of their business. However, you may be asking you, if an animated video is so important, why would I require an animation business – and why shouldn’t I just make it myself?

Why Are Animation Studios Important For Businesses?

An animation studio that offers services can:

Let you concentrate on your creative ideas
Lower the initial cost of video editing software
Make sure you capture the spirit of your company

If you are looking to create animation videos for your company and you are looking for a reliable animation studio, you must consider hiring an experienced animation studio.

Utilizing animations to promote video A studio can design easily-updatable resources for your company. Additionally, you can improve your site’s SEO by attracting high-quality visitors with captivating content.

Research has shown that having a video with animation in your website’s landing pages could boost conversion rates by as much as 80percent! This is why animation services are so sought-after.

The ubiquity of animated marketing Videos

The great thing about making use of video marketing for your company is that you have many possibilities. You can choose to utilize:

Explainer videos are similar to an animation on whiteboards for more complex data (IT Solutions and Software)
Kinetic typography – To teasers
Video clips of company timelines and growth to spice up charts and bar graphs for investors
2D Cartoon Animations – for startup companies or to communicate with users

The possibilities are limitless! Animated videos are popular for businesses because it’s customizable and affordable as well as with the general public as it’s enjoyable and entertaining.

Let’s take a look the services that animation studios can provide and the reasons the reasons why outsourcing is beneficial.

Personalize The Brand

If there’s one thing that animation services provide that traditional video marketing can’t provide, it’s humanizing your brand. If it’s a 2D or 3D animation the entire content of your video could be customized to match the personality of your business. This means you’ll take control of the entire process from the design of the video as well as the colors that are used to meet the guidelines of your brand. Another advantage of using animated services is the fact that they can encode your company’s name. In the majority of animations you’ll see a person or avatar representing the company. The avatar is typically put in the role of a hero when there’s a challenge that needs to be solved and the characters (your company) provide an answer. Through animated video you are able to make all the important choices regarding the visuals and characterisation of your characters.

You can easily distill your brand’s personality into an image that is appealing to your targeted segment.

A brand that is personalised can be the cause of:

Brand Engagement

Animation companies can assist you with soft selling your services or products.

Animation allows us to absorb information on both audio and visual levels simultaneously and can give us a better understanding of the message. This is why, whether you are using animation for a launch of a product or for a corporate timeline, they can bring an audience with concepts they might be unable to comprehend.

The use of less text and visual cues will keep viewers interested for longer. Additionally, animated video is particularly appealing to everyone of all ages. This is due to the fact that it creates feelings of nostalgia in everyone.

The nostalgic aspect is a way to tap into our inner child and creates characters that are easier to trust. Who would not love Tony The Tiger or the Geico Gecko? This means that you will be able to reach the most diverse possible audience simultaneously.

Budgets and Costs

That brings us to the aspect that entrepreneurs will be the most worried about budgeting.

Why should your company employ an animation company?

In the past, we’ve explained the reasons animation services are extremely useful to:

Brand recognition
Brand engagement
Personalizing and expressing your brand

If you’re not been doing so, you ought to consider allocating a portion of your budget for content to animation. Also, using animation in your video marketing will reduce the cost of hiring expensive actors as well as paying for special effects.

When it comes to the reasons to employ an animation company There are plenty of good reasons.

1.) Kits, Software And Kit

If you don’t have the most up-to-date and effective animation software, then you may be surprised animation software isn’t cheap!

However you may want to think about using an animator in house who can manage your marketing videos. The requirements for the software and platform will differ from task to project, and so one software will not work for all of your projects.

The good news isthat animation companies will have everything taken care of and can start right away such as with the production of whiteboards for animation.

2.) Time

If, as we said, you’re not sure how to create animated videos or haven’t yet hired an animator you may be waiting for quite a while.

It takes a few months to master 2D animation, while an animation studio has an experienced professional with many years of experience. Also, your time has as much of a financial worth as the software and equipment.

Additionally, by avoiding the time and stress of worrying about how to make animated content, you’ll be able to concentrate on the direction of your creativity (and the management and running of your company! ).

3.) The Investing in Assets

The animated video is also an asset for marketing that is evergreen.

This is due to the fact that the animation you create can be utilized in a variety of ways. It is possible to use the services of an animation studio to develop an explainer that could also be used for an announcement for your product.

Furthermore, video content can be easily shared and can increase engagement by sharing it via your social networks.

Not to mention the animated video could be incorporated into any sales funnel, whether that involves attracting new customers or entertaining existing customers.

Good Quality

The end result is that an animation firm will be proficient in styles that range from whiteboard animation and 2D production, the production of 3D animation videos.

Engaging a high-quality animation studio ensures that you’ll receive an excellent final product in less time. Animation videos are also mobile-friendly and appears distinctive – meaning that your video will not look like a bunch of other videos that were shot in office spaces that aren’t very appealing!


As we mentioned, once you’ve put your hair down out trying to master Blender and Maya and Maya, you can concentrate on the most important thing the most – your message.

To get a fantastic animated video to succeed, you must translate your company’s mission statement into an engaging and concise manner. By outsourcing the difficult components to an animation company you’ll be able to focus on this portion of the process.

In your direction the animation company you choose to hire will help you create an aesthetic that matches the tone of your brand and also assets that reflect your color scheme and guidelines.

Let go of the constraints of live action shootings in which people can be flustered. Concentrate on coordinating your amazing animation services with your essential and compelling business message!

The Round-Up

A company that creates animations will save you time and money while increasing the engagement of your brand. By outsourcing your animation needs to an studio that will ensure that the style of animation you select is consistent with your vision for the brand and ensure the story of your brand is correctly told.

You can save on the initial costs associated with hiring an animator or even learning the art of animation yourself. Animation services may even be less expensive than live-streaming!

Animation videos can capture your business’s visions through fun and captivating characters and content. With the increasing popularity of animations for video advertising, you’d be crazy not to join the opportunity.