6 Business Benefits Of Using Virtual Numbers

The main benefit of hosting a VoIP service is its lower-cost flexibility and performance. In comparison to copper-based PSTN phone lines and IP, using IP as a base for communications lets the smart user profit from the latest technologies with only a small cost should there be any extra cost.

The majority of the time, the implementation of the VoIP system within an organization tends to be about replacing the old PSTN systems, but other features and functions may be put off or delayed until later. We all know that there are times when the time for a later date never comes.

A simple function that may be neglected is the use function of Virtual Numbers.

Simply put the definition of a UK virtual mobile number is a telephone number that isn’t directly connected to any phone handset or line. They are compatible on any device. It could be a handset that is physical as well as a mobile phone or a desktop or mobile software program. This way, an organization can have multiple phone numbers that are connected to the same phone line.

For instance the virtual number can be allocated to “Accounts” while the hosting VoIP Service would simultaneously ring several physical phones within the accounts area similar to like a hunting team would in series.

Benefits of business include:

Cost effectiveness

International and regional calling to virtual number within the company can be routed automatically via call-free Internet links. This way internal or incoming calls from customers may appear to be a local number however the call will be answered from the other side of the globe without cost to the business. Customers can reach anyone anytime, and on various devices at low or no cost.

Virtual numbers work with desktop phones as well as mobile phones and smartphones. This lets you implement the latest features or services, without needing to purchase new phone handsets or systems.

Business Presence

Many of your customers prefer working with a local provider. Virtual numbers allow your company to establish a presence in the local area, even if you might not physically be in the area. The use of a local virtual number offers you the possibility of adding personalization to your customers’ contact. People also appreciate having local numbers rather than the more costly long-distance one. If the service is equipped with caller-id that makes it easier to determine who is calling whom and customize responses accordingly.

Business Image.

Particularly for small companies Virtual numbers can greatly improve the image of a business. Separate virtual numbers for various departments or functional areas even if they have the same location, can make the company appear larger than it really is, and will give an extra boost to the image of the business.


Because virtual numbers aren’t dependent on a particular device, department, team and individuals are able to be reached via the same number, regardless of the location they work from and the person they need to be reached. In the same way, people can be accessible whether in the office or somewhere else.

Advanced Features and Services

Virtual numbers permit the complete variety options of VoIP options to be utilized. Call forwarding and call attendants, as well as integration with email and SMS even call conferencing and video conferencing can be incorporated. In the event that the service is based on the cloud, you can create a phone system for your company that includes apparently internal extension numbers for employees everywhere around the globe.


Utilizing virtual numbers in conjunction with call logs allows for a tight monitoring of the costs of calling. The company is able to easily determine who called when and where and for what price. Setting limits on calls for certain numbers can improve security and lower cost. Security profiles that is linked to a virtual number instead of physical devices prevents users from making calls that are not authorized, specifically to costly international and regional PSTN numbers.It could also allow you to set up separate personal and business calls on the same phone. Calls for business are routed to the device via virtual number. If caller ID is enabled it allows the phone to differentiate between personal and business calls. Certain VoIP Solutions and smartphone apps allow contact information and other details to be separated according to personal and business classifications.

The advantages of a Hosted VoIP Service for small-sized businesses are well-known and proven. Customers should think about the benefits of making use of virtual numbers to enhance their efficiency while driving lower costs.