What is volunteer management software?

Many organizations rely on volunteers to run their operations and offer services, including non-profit organizations such as charities. Since volunteers do not have contracts, organizations strive to keep a well-motivated pool of volunteers to help the organizations. Knowing about the most recent software to manage volunteers can help you choose the right system that will allow you to find the best talent, manage them effectively and provide value. The article below we’ll explain what software for managing volunteers is as well as a look at different types of systems as well as their benefits, and then provide an array of alternatives to choose from.

What exactly is software for managing volunteers?

The software for volunteer management (VMS) is an application for communication and databases that records volunteer data aiding non-profit organizations manage their staff. The software usually comes with tools for recruiting, sourcing and training volunteers as well as scheduling them which makes the entire procedure of working with them safer and more efficient. This kind of solution could aid managers in avoiding double booking, while also ensuring that the right amount of staff are available to complete tasks.

It offers a simple way to connect with volunteers. It assists organizations in centralising information about contact details and send out messages easily. You may use it to sort volunteers based on the age, location, available and many other categories that you can create.

Software for managing volunteers

The volunteer management app or software is usually equipped with several built-in functions. Here are some of them:

Data capture

One of the most important benefits for this software is to function as a database to capture organizing and storing volunteer details so that managers can easily access it and converse with volunteers. It is possible to send simple forms to volunteers who want to sign up, which allows the program to record the details of those who sign up. It is possible to encourage more people to sign in by making the feature simple and easy to use. This lets people submit their information with ease.


Volunteers who depend on their jobs often face ongoing cycle of recruitment that requires effective management. This type of software usually comes with tools for creating recruitment campaigns, which makes it easier to analyze and replicate. It could simplify the process of putting up job advertisements and assist prospective volunteers at the sign-up process, sort applicants based on job requirements Managers can track and monitor the entire process and generate reports on data. These tools can facilitate on-boarding and recruitment processes and produce valuable data that will help optimize the processes.


Effective scheduling can help to avoid staff shortages and overbooking. Utilizing tools for scheduling can be more effective and efficient than using spreadsheets for managing rotations, for instance. The software generally lets volunteers change their availability via remote and also update platforms in real-time which allows managers to schedule easily.


It is vital to communicate with volunteers to ensure that activities are coordinated seamlessly. This is the reason why the products for managing volunteers always include tools that allow organizations to communicate with volunteers quickly and efficiently. The majority of these tools allow you to set up groups of chats, communicate messages to several users simultaneously, and talk to individuals.

Data collection

As with most management software such as this one, it includes sophisticated tools for reporting that enable managers to collect valuable data insight. This will help you evaluate the results of recruitment campaigns and volunteer performances and then utilize to make informed decision-making and improve processes. Many platforms let users arrange data in different ways, like graphs or charts.

VMS benefits

There are numerous benefits to the use of this type of software, which include:

Reduces time and costs

The process of streamlining volunteer recruitment and management could reduce time and cost across a range of fields. This is because technology can be automated for many tasks, including scheduling, which frees up time to work on other projects. Additionally, it can cut down on the costs associated with recruitment by enhancing the efficiency of office processes. The information you collect through the software will aid in determining ways to improve efficiency.

More efficient and convenient

This kind of software can make the entire management of volunteers more easy. It serves as a central point to manage all the necessary tasks that range from scheduling and recruiting to communications and management. Since it doesn’t need physical documents and permits managers to complete the majority of their work at any time It’s an ideal solution for organizations which are remote-based. It also enhances the comfort of volunteers in a variety of ways, since it simplifies registration and allows volunteers to change their availability. Accessibility features also make it easier for users to use.

Simpler administration

Once volunteers and staff have entered all the relevant information These software tools will automate numerous essential tasks. This makes administration simpler, eliminating the risk of human errors. The integration of all management functions will also reduce the burden of administration and ensures that all crucial information is secured in centralised locations. The process of collecting information and keeping it in accordance with applicable regulations for data protection is easier with software for managing.