9 Benefits of Managed IT Support Services in Essex

Does your in-house IT department prove to be cost-intensive, ineffective, and slow to respond to emergencies? Perhaps you’re a brand-new company that relies on antivirus software to safeguard your information? No matter what stage you’re in it’s probably time to look into managed IT support to upgrade the IT system you have in place.

The business world is dependent on digital technology more than ever to perform day-to day tasks. Therefore, any disruption to these systems, as well as any downtime could affect productivity and efficiency. This is why 83% of small and medium-sized companies in the UK utilize the managed IT services to run your digital systems. We’ll examine the best benefits of outsourcing IT support and the reasons you should look into shifting to managed IT support in Essex.

What exactly is managed IT support?

Before we get into the benefits, let’s clarify precisely what we’re talking about. The Managed IT Support Services are provided by third-party firms that oversee the whole IT team. They include cyber-security, troubleshooting repair of hardware as well as disaster recovery, and more. The client usually pay a monthly cost for proactive IT support which can be managed remotely by their infrastructure. It’s a fantastic alternative to hiring an internal team, and provides more extensive IT service for less cost.

What are the advantages?

1. Costs for the month are managed

Every business must prepare for expenses to avoid the possibility of unexpected expenses. This is crucial for small to medium-sized business with a budget that is limited. Making a fixed monthly payment schedule in conjunction with your IT provider managed by the company can take the strain out of IT expenses. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for IT as well as the amount you’ll need to pay it every month and what services you’ll get as a result. Knowing precisely what you’ll have to pay for IT can allow you to make more choices when it comes to investing in other areas of your company.

2. Managed IT support services provide unrestricted assistance

The cost of hiring temporary workers in the event of a disaster or you require additional support to support an internal team can be costly. If you choose to use an controlled IT service, you’ll be able to access 24/7 assistance. There will be an expert team waiting to solve your issues right away and without additional cost.

3. Outsourcing IT support is cost-effective.

Managed IT support is cheaper than hiring an internal team. You’ll still be able reach someone at any time there’s a problem, or in the event that you require help in repairing or upgrading. But, you’ll not have the stress and expenses that come to permanent workers. Also, you’ll get a reduction in cost of software and hardware as your managed IT services already has a relationship with suppliers, and will benefit in the economies of scale.

4. Flexible service

Another benefit of outsourcing IT support is the option of upgrading as your business expands or expand as you need to. It is possible to create contracts that you don’t need to purchase anything that you don’t require and also rapidly scale up and gain access to new services when you require these. You are in charge.

It’s not possible to have this kind of flexibility when you have an internal team, as you must hire and fire employees when expanding or consolidating an IT network. It’s not fast or cost-effective.

5. Managed IT support solutions provide access to experts with expertise

The most significant advantage for outsourcing IT is access to expert information, specialist expertise, and years of IT experience in a variety of fields. The training of staff members to be able to resolve a problem that occurs once in a once in a blue moon can be costly. While using an IT service that is managed IT service, you get access to an expert who has seen everything before and knows the best way to fix problems immediately.

6. Improved levels of customer service

When you choose the managed service provider, you’ll get the benefit of a focused support team. Your contract will also include an agreement on service levels that promises a fast response time and friendly support. Our customer service team will know your business from top to bottom and will offer a seamless IT support that helps reduce the amount of downtime and helps keep your employees efficient.

7. Get the latest technology and software, with no cost updates

No matter if you’re a small company or a big company, equipping your employees with the latest IT equipment and coordinating the cost of licensing software can be costly. You must also add up the costs of upgrades frequently to add salt to the wound.

Managed IT services come with an incentive to provide you with the most efficient equipment and software , since they’re the ones who claim that they can improve your infrastructure. While in-house IT departments are rewarded to reduce costs and make use of every opportunity as the less you invest in IT the more profitable your company will be by the end of the year.

If you decide to utilize a managed IT solution that you can cut costs while having access to the top equipment and software. Utilizing an IT department that is outsourced gives users access to an service that’s continuously upgraded and the cost of your monthly retainer remains constant.

8. Proactive cyber security and disaster recovery

Managed IT services uses the most effective security and anti-malware software to ensure that their clients’ information is safe and secure. Employing an outsourced IT department ensures that your entire network is protected by their sophisticated data protection systems that are constantly under surveillance. Your network will have a vigilant security guard looking for suspicious emails and other cyber-security security threats. In most cases it will be addressed before you are aware of the threats.

This proactive approach regarding security allows you to reduce the cost of downtime and adopt an approach of not being involved in keeping your network secure. If catastrophe does occur it will have someone on the ground to help your employees return working as quickly as feasible.

9. Enhances productivity by allowing you to focus on the core of your business

As your company expands the IT infrastructure will have to increase in size. outsourcing a portion, or even all your department’s IT will mean that you are able to concentrate on your business’s core and not be held back by a long-running IT issue. You’ll be able to expand according to your needs by having access to a group of professionals who have the skills needed to fill any gaps as your business grows. Find a managed IT solution that has flexible contract options is essential to get the help you require without the need to purchase additional services that are not needed.

What are the key features to look for in a managed IT support services

We’ve uncovered what the advantages can be when you choose to partner with an managed IT support service , but what are the best ways to find the most suitable company to work with? We’ve outlined what an outstanding outsourcing IT department must have to offer:

Flexible, cost-effective fixed contracts that are flexible
24/7 customer support
Support via phone and online
Customer service representatives who have advanced training in troubleshooting
Remote access capabilities
Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions
A group of experts with extensive expertise across different industries
The latest technology and software
Infrastructure support (WIFI, network cabling, fibre-optics, etc.)
Proactive security protocols

Last thoughts about the advantages from managed IT support services

Employing an outsourcing IT department can give your business access to a an affordable resource that will improve the IT system. They’ll be proactive in defending against cyber-attacks and provide you with access to the latest equipment and technology available. Flexible contracts mean you can expand or consolidate your IT resources at any time, and you’ll never have to shell out for services you don’t really need or require.

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