Enhancing Exhibition Displays with Lighting

As an exhibitor there’s enough to think about, that lighting might not be on your radar. Do you know if the lights in the venue will be enough for your space, and will extras be required?

We’re sorry to say it’s another thing to add to your exhibition check list. Making small tweaks to existing stands is all it could take to enhance and evolve your current exhibition set up.

What are the benefits of using lights?

One of the main and most obvious benefits is being able to create a focus on certain parts of your exhibitions. Clever placement of the lights can draw the eye to specific text or images that could be of interest for those attending the event.

Until you enter your stand space it’s difficult to have the full picture when it comes to the venues lighting. Your space could be dull, therefore leaving your exhibition stand lacking and could just fade into the background. Use lights to brighten and lighten the space and artwork, making it inviting.

Chances are the artwork has been in the planning stages for some time, don’t let it go to waste. Using lighting to highlight what you’ve spent many months creating. Make your presence known and stand out in a room full of competitors.

LED Spotlights

Spotlights are used with exhibition stands and offer an effective yet compact visual. Without stealing too much of the attention the LED spotlights will be connected to the top of the display stand and positioned in a way that focuses on the key information.

Powerful enough to welcome just the right amount of light to brighten the displays, maximise your artwork and draw attention. The size of the spotlight is important too, ensuring none of the artwork is covered or blocked.

LED Light Boxes

Rather than adding the lights as an accessory, go one better with lights within the stand.

LED light boxes are bold, take stand brightness to a new level and act as your actual backdrop. Lightboxes can be used as a single stand alone panel, or to create a specific backdrop. Complete with LED lights inside the display stand and stretch fabric panels, the light shines from within and illuminates your display panels.

Banner Lights

It’s not just the exhibition stands which can benefit from the additional lighting, banner stands can also accept a light. A small, lightweight display light is all it takes to brighten a 1 panel roller banner. Adding a small amount of light will enhance a simple banner and bring a little extra to the overall stand design.