What Kind of Office Do You Have?

Much like people, an office can have a personality too.

From the way the office is styled and used, this will determine the type of office you have. It’s important to remember certain environments are suitable for different job roles and sectors.

There is no right or wrong way to style an office space. The environment should be tailored in a way that works for you and your employees, with employee happiness a main priority.

The layout, colours and furniture all play a part in creating a workplace to encourage and motivate staff members.

The Quiet Office

This is the space where all you can hear is typing, and the occasional pin drop, other than that it’s close to silent. Working in a quiet office is great for productivity, keeping your head down and ploughing through the workload. However, sometimes it can be too quiet.

Traditional Office Space

A traditional office space is not too drab, not too fancy. Still using old style cubicles and cramped workspaces creates an office you might be familiar with.

Consisting of classic layouts, meeting rooms, break areas and private offices.

The Open Plan

The open plan design is how all offices start, but some choose to keep this style.

Open plan offices have natural light, open desk spaces and full visibility, but with these many benefits comes the downfall of the noise. Noise can be distracting and cause lack of concentration and reduce productivity.

Finding the right noise balance is the key to a strong performing office.

The Partitioned Office

Taking an open plan office and adding room dividers is all it takes to transform into a partitioned office. With the amount of Office Partitions available, any space can be made into what the business needs.

If you need to reduce noise, use acoustic office screen. Divide but keep visibility, use acrylic partitions. Want target noise control, desktop dividers are the best option.

No matter the design and functions your office needs, there are various options, both permanent and semi permanent.

The Collaborative Office

Collaborative working means working together in a space which brings the team together. Throughout this space there is partitioned space, open space, relaxed working areas and combination of different room styles.

You could say this is the best of both worlds and gives employees a choice of where to work & choosing the right setting for them.